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Take a look below to better understand the process we undergo to restore cars. While the exact steps will vary from car to car, we hope this illustration gives you a sense of the thought and pride that will go into your restoration. We can ensure that even the wildest dreams you have for your ride will be made a reality.

We only know how to do things one way - the right way - and we have the tools and expertise to make it happen.

We look your car over thoroughly to see what we're working with

Disassembly is performed and parts are carefully organized

Sandblasting is performed to remove all former reminants of rust and paint

Suspension components are chosen for an smooth and excellent handling ride

Body and metal work is done to get the body laser-straight before the car is primed

Panels are attached and aligned to ensure perfect gaps

Marraige of the body to the frame at just the right moment

Picking out and installing the motor best suited for the car and customer

A flawless, run-free coat of paint

Complete upholstery work performed to make the interior and accessories like new

We source brand new bumpers or have one rechromed for a mirror finish

Taking delivery of the car and seeing it fully completed for the first time!



Vintage Air AC System

RideTech Airbag Suspension

Heidts 4-Link Suspension

Wilwood Disk Brakes

Tremec Transmission

LS, Ford, or Mopar Engine

Power Windows

Tube Chassis or Roll Cage

Rack and Pinion Steering

Electrical System and Gauges

Fast EFI Systems

Labor Rate: $80/hour