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Crew - Bill Kilpatrick

Bill Kilpatrick


I have been to several certification courses throughout the years. Previously, I worked at Case Hoyt Printing Company as a lithographic stripper, where I gained talent in color hues and tints to have a trained eye for paint. I also worked at several other shops gaining office and managerial experience, as well as experience in dealing with insurance companies as an estimator. This included working with everything from heavy wrecks to small dents and repairs.

Recently, We took a trip to Saudi Arabia trip as a vendor, bringing one of our finest builds (our beloved 52 Chevy 3100 truck). During this trip, we made contacts from all over the globe!

Since I was 12 I have always had a car to build and paint - this and schooling have given me the knowledge that I have today. In 2013 I travelled up and down the West Coast looking for new concepts and hooking up with the West Coasts best builders. I build the most amazing cars on the East Coast and couldn't be prouder of my staff!

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